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Noves dades de conservació de flora mediterrània
dimecres, 8 de gener de 2014 10:19
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P. P. Ferrer-Gallego: Typification of the Linnaean name Viola arborescens L. (Violaceae).

E. Baliousis: Flora and vegetation of Mt Likeo (Peloponnisos, Greece).

E. Di Gristina, G. Gottschlich, R. Galesi, F. M., Raimondo & A. Cristaudo: Hieracium hypochoeroides subsp. montis-scuderii (Asteraceae), a new endemic subspecies from Sicily (Italy).

O. Khodosovtsev, L. Dymytrova, O. Nadyeina, A. Naumovych, Yu. Khodosovtseva & C. Scheidegger: A contribution to beech forest-associated epiphytic lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi in Crimean Mts (Ukraine).

T. Constantinidis: The flora of the Kastellorizo island group (East Aegean Islands, Greece): new records and comments.

A. Crisafulli, R. M. Picone & A. Soldano: Oenothera indecora (Onagraceae) a neophyte new to Italy.

R. Hand: The effectiveness of seed-banked material in ex situ cultivation: an example from Cyprus.

A. H. Gasparyan & T. K. Ghaltaghchyan: Proposed standard designations in Armenian for lichens occurring in the Republic of Armenia.

R. El Mokni, M. Kasri & M. H. El Aouni: Volkameria inermis (Lamiaceae) a new alien species naturalized to the Tunisian coast, first record for North-Africa.

Y. Tlili-Ait Kaki, S. Bennadja & A. Chefrour: Revalorisation d’une essence endémique: le sapin de Numidie (Abies numidica).

M. V. Aghababyan: Redeeming Phelypaea armena from oblivion, with a reassessment of Transcaucasian Cistanche (Orobanchaceae).

L. Sadori, A. Bertini, N. Combourieu-Nebout, K. Kouli, M. Mariotti Lippi, N. Roberts & A. M. Mercuri: Palynology and Mediterranean vegetation history.

S. Crema, J. W. Kadereit & G. Cristofolini: Phylogenetic Insights into Primula Sect. Auricula in the Apennine Peninsula. ESF1 ESF2 ESF3 EFS4

B. Valdés: The present and future of Mediterranean floristics.

B. Valdés: The present and future of Mediterranean floristics. Introduction, with a special reference to the Flora iberica project.

G. Kamari: The present and future of the flora of Greece and its conservation assessment .

N. Ozhatay, M. Kocyiğit, S. Yüzbaşıoğlu & B. Gürdal: Mediterranean flora and its conservation in Turkey: with special reference to Monocot geophytes.

O. Vasić: Josif Pančić and the new Flora of Serbia.

S. Samaropoulou, P. Bareka, R. Artelari & G. Kamari: Karyological studies on some endemic and rare species of Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece.

R. M. Ros, O. Werner & J. R. Pérez-Alvarez: Ex situ conservation of rare and threatened Mediterranean Bryophytes.

P. Marino, R. Schicchi, E. Barone, F. M. Raimondo & G. Domina: First results on the phenotypic analysis of wild and cultivated species of Pyrus in Sicily.

F. M. Raimondo, A. Scialabba, R. Guarino & R. E. Spallino: Genetic diversity in Sicilian populations of Quercus ilex (Fagaceae)

G. Kamari, C. Blanché & S. Siljak-Yakovlev (eds.): Mediterranean chromosome number reports – 23

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