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Nova espècie d'Orobanche de Balears
dimarts, 4 de setembre de 2012 14:27
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PUJADAS-SALVÀ, A. J. & P. FRAGA I ARGUIMBAU (2012). Orobanche rumseiana A. Pujadas & P. Fraga (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Balearic Islands. Candollea 67: 65-74.


A new species, Orobanche rumseiana A. Pujadas & P. Fraga (subgen. Trionychon (Wallr.) Spach, Orobanchaceae) is described from Majorca and Minorca, Balearic Islands. The new species inhabits coastal rocky areas with shrubby vegetation, is parasitic on Rosmarinus officinalis L. It is characterised by an inflorescence with erect-patent to patent flowers, a calyx with long acuminate triangular teeths, a corolla tube uniformly curved, corolla lobes obtuse with a distinctive mucro, some staminal filaments pubescent in the lower half and hairy anthers. Its morphological traits, and the fact that it is a parasite of Rosmarinus officinalis L., relate it to Orobanche rosmarina Beck with which it has been misidentified. It is also related to Orobanche mariana A. Pujadas and Orobanche pseudrosmarina A. Pujadas & Muñoz Garm. A detailed description and diagnosis are provided. Morphological characters that allow it to be discriminated from these related taxa are discussed and summarized.

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